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March Madness Fantasy Draft

Although "March Madness Fantasy Drafts" are relatively new in comparison to simple NCAA tournament bracket contests, they have been around since the 1990s and have become more popular in recent years.

This is how it works

  1. Generally works best with 10-12 (teams) participants
  2. Each team drafts 8-10 players amongst the 68 NCAA teams invited to the big dance, a serpentine draft is typically used.
  3. Just like other "fantasy sports", the teams score points based on the performance of the players that make up their teams.
         a. Team scoring can be based on player's points, rebounds, and assist totals, or just points in its most simple form.
  4. Once players are eliminated from the NCAA tournament they obviously no longer score points for your team.
  5. When March Madness is over the fantasy squad that has accumulated the most points wins.

March Madness Fantast Drafts are becoming popular because it takes your rooting interest in NCAA tourney games to the next level. You still have a strong rooting interest in the outcome of games, because you need your players to advance. In addition it makes the games more interesting to watch because you have a rotting interest in specific players as well (just like Fantasy Football, the king of all fantasy sports).

2014 March Madness Fantasy Cheat Sheet & Player Rankings

If you are considering participating in a NCAA tournament fantasy draft you should download our "cheat sheet" of player rankings. At a minimum it will save you hours of research creating your own ranking list even if you are a multi-year veteran of these drafts. If it is your first time, it will get you up to speed quickly and eliminate the learning curve.

We have used a ranking methodology that has been refined over more than 10 years of participation, and has proven to be successful.

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